Our Message

and what we Represent!




  • Creating Unity in the Movement of Flow (Artists & Props)

  • Connecting to and helping build a larger community of Artists in Flow

  • Spreading the Joy of Movement  


We Represent

  • Creating a practice around your Flow

  • We live the Flow Arts Movement as our Lifestyle

  • Supporting the evolution of movement through a form of Intuitive Dance

  • We choose to find balance in everything so we can grow and evolve continuously

  • Making A Unique Impact In People’s Lives because Flow Arts has made a unique impact in our life’s

  • Flow Arts is more than just a bunch of tricks strung together

  • Flow is a continual movement that is sustained through every part of your dance.


Defining Flow

Google defines flow as: fluid or a steady, continuous stream of something

That should tell us right there that once we are experiencing flow that it will keep going continuously if we stay with it and stay focused on it.

For us its is defined more like this.

Flow Arts

Art= When we share with the physical world our reflection or interpretation of how we see, feel and think about life, love and what we hold most important. Producing a physical expression of beauty, emotion, values and love.

Flow=  The extraordinary balanced and focused state achieved as a result of Expressing your Art through Movement with a physical object.


In living our lives we realized our dream of building a flow arts business together. And also how we want to spend the rest of our days on this planet. Moving!

Moving our bodies, but also moving our minds, and then finally our flow of energy. Living our dreams. -Living life in full expansion , meaning not limiting ourselves to small worlds because we think or fear that we will not have enough money or security to make ends meet.

-redefining the “ends”  to live a life that we are happy with .

-beginning and ending each day satisfied and fulfilled. Giving thanks for all we have!             

The intention and energy we choose to bring forth in our teaching and performing arts is Love of what we do. Art in the way we move. Activation within ourselves so we can amplify our gifts to the world.

Thank you!